Sacred Contracts Just as you plan a trip, you plan out your life and your lessons to learn.

You were given certain tools and abilities to help you over come challenges and succeed. Sacred Contracts is a way to find out what your abilities are, in this particular lifetime.

This one on one workshop is based on the book by Caroline Myss, Sacred Contracts.
In this 2 hour session, we will uncover your archetypes, (energies, guides) that work with you and against you. We will chart out your divine purpose and discuss blocks and blessings to help you create abundance in this lifetime. This is a very intense Reading. It will change your life! You will "see" how your archetypes have worked with you, in certain area of your life.

You will receive a Cd recording of our session, a booklet of explanations of your Archetype and an Archetypal Wheel,for you to reflect on for the rest of your life. This will help you with future endeavors, challenges, and create clarity in your life.

Cost for this is $140.00

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If you learned of the power that you truly hold, what would you create?