Spiral In first meeting someone, you might feel a strong connection with them, as if you knew them before.

You might find yourself in a location that feels awkwardly familiar.

You may feel pulled to objects or décor, from another time or country.

These are residual memories of past lives.

Sometimes we have fears or trauma associated with a past life, either a death, or another emotional issue. Here we can alleviate these issues, just by seeing it.

Being a Master Hypnotherapist, and in conducting many past life regressions, I would lead you into a relaxed state of peaceful being, where you can see, in your mind’s eye, who you once were.

You will see details of where you lived a life, who you were, what country, town, era. You will receive a date, year, and you will also see loved ones that are in your present life, but as different people in the past.

These sessions are conducted either one on one, privately, or in a group session held at the Center. Group sessions are exciting because we share the information at the end of the session, and you will hear the experiences of others.

Group sessions are limited to a certain number of participants and are scheduled on the calendar of the website.
One on one sessions are made by appointment only.

Cost for one-on-one is $90.00
Cost for group sessions vary per number in group.