InfinitePossibilities Are you a sensitive? Do you hear and see spirit?
Do you feel drawn to learn more about ghosts and Angels?

Being a Psychic Medium for the past 18 years, I can guide you along spiritual learning to develop your skills. I feel that everyone can tap into this gift with a little guidance, knowledge and some deep inner work.

Having grown up in an Italian home, and raised Catholic, being drawn to spiritual learning, I came across the "Gifts of the Spirit" that is mentioned in the Bible.
It made me hungry to learn more.
Through healing, ascension practices and knowledge, I realized that we can connect to loving and powerful Masters that are helping us, help people and the planet.
Working diligently on my own connections to Spirit through healing, meditation, and courses, it led me to learn how we can communicate so we can help others. Now, I am devoting my experience and learning to help others find their connections.

If you are feeling pulled to serve others, if you would like to enhance your abilities and learn more about this amazing spiritual machine that we are living in, please contact me for either a one on one training session, a workshop or a retreat.

One on one training sessions are an hour long and cost $110. I record our session and give you a CD or email of our session. I speak directly to the guides that want to help you develop your connection to them and to loved ones on the other side. Homework will be given and you can move at your own pace. These sessions can be done in person or over the phone.

Workshops are offered out of Inner Light Holistic Center and are usually a full day. We discuss how to connect using your Guides. How to make your connection stronger and develop your skills. Exercises and meditation will be offered. This is a group setting. Cost is $150.

Retreats are offered multiple times a year. Weekend sessions are located in different places so that we can immerse ourselves in learning without distractions of home or work. Exercises, healing, meditation, discussion and community are so important when developing your abilities. I hope you can join us on our next trip! Costs change due to location. Stay tuned for upcoming retreats by signing up for my weekly newsletter!   click here to get Newsletter

I so encourage you to follow your heart and allow yourself to work with Source. It will bless your life, you can help others and you will feel so at peace with doing your divine purpose.
Heed the call, you are gifted!


Phone:  (610) 413-8191